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Vodka was considered a medicinal drink back in the 14th century. In fact, back then, a little liquor did make pain go away and life was made bearable for the sick. The surprising journey of vodka from the 20th century to date has been remarkable. It has become a very popular drink widely used in cocktail drinks. The history of vodka is not very clear although it is believed that the origin can be traced back to Poland, Ukraine and Western Russia.

The first vodka distillery was discovered in the 11th century in Khylnovsk Russia. Limitation of technology was not an issue and the first process of distillation produced crude vodka. This is mainly because there was many impurities remained and left the drink with an unpleasant and unwanted taste. To make the drink more pleasant, the distillers would mask the bad taste by adding flavors.

Bolshevik revolution forced a number of distillers to seek refuge in other countries. Son of one of the master distillers, Vladinir Smirnov fled to France where he set up his distillery. While in France, his commitment put him in contact with some American businessmen and he was able to produce Smirnoff brand of vodka. This was the French version of his family name.
Vodka revolution
was to follow in the 1950s when people realized it was a perfect component to be used in cocktails. Its odorless and tasteless characteristics made it the best selling liquor.

The best vodka is one which is tasteless, odorless and colorless. This is because the liquor is purely alcohol and water. Traditionally, it was prepared from scratch using the cheapest grains available. But there are some distillers who are using potatoes or even molasses. This is a pure alcohol and has some similar traits to whiskey. The major difference is that vodka is distilled at a very high proof and this is the reason why it has no taste. At about 190 proof, the flavor is lost and only water and alcohol is left behind.

Having gained a credible mileage over the years, there are many brands of vodka that have come up. As a matter of fact, each brand is trying to capture your attention with stylish bottles, happening events and refreshing marketing. The Vodka taste is distinct regardless of the brand you choose. Statistically, most people cannot discern the different brands of vodka when doing a blind taste. For this reason, your brand of vodka is a personal preference. The different brands also come in various flavors. For example, absolute vodka and Smirnoff vodka have an arsenal of flavored vodkas.

Like everyone else, you should know which the best
out there is. You are asking yourself which vodka is the most superior? Well, there is no one single answer to this question. There are few discernable characteristics in vodkas. All you need to know is how to take your vodka. Do you wish to have it mixed in some cocktail or you prefer taking the premium vodkas?  When you answer that question, you have identified your perfect drink.